For over twenty years, Gallaway Safety & Supply has been delivering unbeatable value to local and national customers. We’ve seen a lot of changes in the industry and in the industries we serve.

So how do we continue to stay ahead of the competition?

Great pricing isn’t enough. As new health and safety risks are identified, standards get more complex, and pressure on our customers increases, Gallaway simply works harder to help you safeguard your responsibilities. We continuously reinvest in company-wide education on new regulations, core principles, cutting-edge products, and industry trends. Our experts work with you to give you concrete solutions that can make a difference to your bottom line.

And when you call, an actual person will answer the phone. That’s important to us because it's important to you.

Ready for your world to get easier and safer? We’ve got skilled staff, local warehouses, a brand new facility, modern technology and a fleet of delivery trucks ready to help you meet your challenges.

Wishing you safety and success,

- J. Colin Gallaway

Gallaway Safety & Supply